Maribo is beautifully situated by the lakes in the middle of the nature park. At the same time, you will find a modern commercial town with an extensive history dating back to the 15th century.

It is also renowned for its jazz Festival as well as its numerous outdoor cultural events at Hylddalen, which is set in the idyllic surroundings of an enchanting beech tree forest.


Maribo - The Cathedral city

Maribo is idyllically situated beside a nature park with the Great Cathedral on the banks of Søndersø Lake. The nature park constitutes an area of approximately 50m2.  

The Tour Boat Anemonen

The tour boat departs right next to Maribo Cathedral and gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful nature park from the water.


There is a multitude of events taking place on Lolland-Falster: jazz festivals, theatrical performances, revues, rock concerts, produce markets etc. You can follow all the events right here. 

Nature experiences

Maribo is idyllically situated in the middle of a nature park and offers numerous possibilities for interactive family activities. Experience, learn and play together.

See the animals as they scamper about, the scenic lakes and the green beech trees and experience the intimacy.  

The nature park up close

The Maribo Lakes Nature Park encompasses Maribo within its 50 km2 naturally beautiful surroundings. Follow the path around the lake and be at one with nature. 

Experience wildlife close up

See wild animals from Africa really close up at Knuthenborg Safari Park. Feel the warm hide of the cow or see and play with the goats, whose milk is used to make delicious cheese at Knuthenlund. Animals are funny really close up.

Maribo - Great and small experiences

Maribo offers lots of small and great experiences for you and your whole family.

Market days, small galleries and museums, jazz and the Open Air Museum as well as the delightfully beautiful Knuthenborg situated nearby, not to mention Bandholm, where you will find one of only two freshwater wells of this type in the world. 

Top attractions on Lolland-Falster

Lolland-Falster has so much to offer, such as enormous savannas, crocodile experts, thrilling go-carts, a huge indoor water park and a realistic journey back to the Middle Ages. There are so many experiences to choose from, the choice is yours. 

Local taste experiences

The soil on Lolland-Falster is very fertile and the crops that grow in it are deliciously flavoursome. There are numerous small and large producers, farmers and processors experimenting with tastes and flavours to create unforgettable taste experiences for your delight. 

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