Be together, Grow together 


There is a multitude of events taking place on Lolland-Falster: jazz festivals, theatrical performances, revues, rock concerts, produce markets etc. You can follow all the events right here. 

Whether you prefer exploring the past and relishing the present at a bustling tempo or at a more leisurely pace, there is something for every age and interest in the wide range of top attractions available on Lolland-Falster. The only question is where to begin. 

With 6,000 holiday cottages, Marielyst is a lively place during the summer. Guests from near and far flock to the area to experience the atmosphere in one of the most charming coastal towns in Denmark.

Lolland-Falster offers many unique opportunities to experience nature. Nakskov Fjord and the Maribo Lakes Nature Park are exceptional. As is the fantastic Halskov Vænge forest on North Falster, where the landscape still echoes with the stories of an ancient time.