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    Sleep where you feel most comfortable. 

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    There are plenty of possibilities for shopping in Marielyst as well as cafes, convenience stores and boutiques.

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    The five golf courses on Lolland-Falster comprise 29,111 metres of fairway in total. 

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    There are plenty of excellent possibilities for fishing from lakes, beaches or a cutter. 

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    Oplev alle de spændende havne omkring Lolland-Falster, som samarbejder med Baltic Sailing.

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    Marielyst is popularly called "lyst” which means delight in Danish. This is due in no small part to the many discotheques and festivities there. Many of the establishments offer outdoor seating, which creates a special, almost southern atmosphere in the summer. There is often live music to accompany your cold beer, with music sessions featuring local bands and larger concerts held throughout the summer. 

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    Please note that Gedesby Mill does not have food on the menu. However, there are benches where you can have a picnic and buy a cup of coffee.

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    Nysted offers accommodation to suit everyone, from bed & breakfasts, camping and tent pitches to hotels and holiday cottages, it is just a matter of choosing. 

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    Nysted is surrounded by historic buildings in the form of old manor estates and churches. In addition, Skalkekorset (Rogues´ cross and Emil Aarestrup’s house are of particular historic significance to the Nysted region. 

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    Enjoy closeness to nature as you make your own way through the landscape. 

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    In Denmark you may only camp at official camp sites, so you cannot simply pitch your tent wherever you like. Alternatively, if you have no particular demands for comfort and you would like to stay out in nature, Lolland-Falster has, besides the 17 official camp sites, established more than 30 primitive nature camp sites where you are allowed to stay overnight. However, cars, caravans, auto campers, motorcycles, mopeds or motorised boats are not permitted on these sites.

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    Stay in charming holiday cottages in some of the largest and best areas in Denmark, close to tranquil beaches and enchanting nature.  

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    Lolland-Falster’s camping sites are situated near forest, beaches or towns so there is always something to suit everyone. 

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    Camping is a typical form of holiday in Denmark. It is for the free spirits. 

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    Come closer to your family and feel the quietude, intimacy and enjoy your holiday to the full.

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    Holiday cottages are a form of overnight accommodation that is synonymous with Denmark. Marielyst and West Lolland are the most developed summer cottage areas on Lolland-Falster. There are both large agencies and private providers on the market. 

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    There is an abundance of charming Bed and Breakfast and guest house accommodations available on Lolland-Falster. This form of accommodation is more private and personal, a feature that many people appreciate. 

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    Taste experiences - remember there are many farm shops along the country roads. Keep an eye out for them and buy freshly harvested berries, fruit and vegetables.  

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      Lolland-Falster has absolutely some of best locations for angling. You can choose between fishing from the beach, in lakes, at a put & take or from a boat, just remember, you need a fishing license. You can also find further inspiration at the Facebook group: Lystfiskeri på Lolland/Falster.  Remember the Danish Flatfishing Championship 2013 at Onsevig in September.

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    Lolland-Falster has absolutely some of the best locations for angling and West Lolland is no exception. During the Middle Ages, Naksskov Fjord was at the heart of one of Europe’s largest herring markets. 

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    The waters around West Lolland are perfect for sailing. The small inviting harbours offer multiple experiences and are ideal for harbour hopping, by which you can see the island from the various different harbours. Many of the harbours have modern facilities and viewing Lolland from the water is highly recommended. 

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    Camping, cosy hotels, a charming bed & breakfast, on your own boat or in a tent close to nature - a multitude of options awaits, the choice is yours. 

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    Discover the small galleries and exhibitions on Lolland-Falster. The small studios and galleries are not far apart and travelling around Lolland-Falster you will see signs guiding you to the most local artists. If you prefer a specific target we have gather a few places for you to experience.

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