Beaches on Lolland-Falster

Lolland-Falster is surrounded by coasts with beautiful beaches. For example, Marielyst Beach was awarded the Best Beach in Denmark award three years in a row! You can swim at all these beautiful beaches on Lolland-Falster.

The harbours of West Lolland

The waters around West Lolland are perfect for sailing. The small inviting harbours offer multiple experiences and are ideal for harbour hopping, by which you can see the island from the various different harbours.

Nature experiences


West Lolland offers some of the best fishing locations and there are many opportunities to sail out and fish in the Smålands Sea. Onsevig harbour is also the venue for the Danish Flatfishing Championship in September. See the best fishing locations here 

Gedser Odde – Denmark’s most southerly point

Gedser Odde 

Gedser Odde is Scandinavia’s most southerly point, which is surrounded on all sides by the sea and affords a fantastic view over the rest of Europe.

The beaches of South Falster

The many beaches and their qualities make this region unique. It is possible to find small secluded locations with few visitors as well as bustling lively locations with swarms of people.

They all face out onto the shimmering Baltic Sea. 

Family-friendly accommodation in Marielyst

Holiday cottages and Appartments

Nature experiences around Marielyst

Falster offers many great natural experiences, including Scandinavia's most southerly point, 11 cycling routes, just as many beaches, fishing from the coast and much more.

Marielyst for all ages

Marielyst Golf & Fun Park 

Since 2005, Golf & Fun Park has expanded from being Europe's largest Adventure Minigolf installation to now include Football Golf, Frisbee Golf, Baseball Cage, Driving Range, as well as activities for toddlers and the latest addition of Segways that you can ride around a specially designed track. The park extends across an area of around 125,000m2.

Marielyst - Denmark’s best beach

Marielyst Beach is a part of the approximately 20 kilometres of sandy beach to be found on the east coast of Falster. The beach is child-friendly with shallow, calm water and several sandbanks. There is a wealth of possibilities for building sand castles for the toddlers and collecting mussel shells along water’s edge. There are also many windless sheltered areas.

Fejø Island

Fejø lies like a precious pearl in the Smålands Sea just 15 minutes from the North Lolland coast. The small ferry M/F Christine rallies out from Kragenæs from early morning to late evening.  This idyllic island is renowned for its juice and apples as well as its friendly, accommodating residents. It has around 650 residents and two villages, Østerby and Vesterby.

Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Inner fjord