Harbours on Lolland-Falster

Along the coasts of Lolland-Falster, there are a lot of harbours. Closeby, fantastic experiences are located. For example, you can sail around in Nakskov Fjord, where there are a lot of small beautiful islands.

Activities for and active holiday

It is the little moments in life when you are closest to your family that create enduring memories, the moments that you cannot always find time for during a busy day. Lolland-Falster affords you a wealth of opportunities to actively explore and reinforce relationships either as a family or individually, the possibilities are endless.

The harbours of West Lolland

The waters around West Lolland are perfect for sailing. The small inviting harbours offer multiple experiences and are ideal for harbour hopping, by which you can see the island from the various different harbours.

Nysted Harbour

The harbour in Nysted is the heart of the town. Life pulsates from here and you find yourself right in the centre of both the town and nature. Nysted harbour stands at the head of Nysted Cove, with a superb view out across to the Femem Strait and the offshore wind turbines at Rødsand, as well as the beautiful old market town and Ålholm Castle. 

Fejø Island

Fejø lies like a precious pearl in the Smålands Sea just 15 minutes from the North Lolland coast. The small ferry M/F Christine rallies out from Kragenæs from early morning to late evening.  This idyllic island is renowned for its juice and apples as well as its friendly, accommodating residents. It has around 650 residents and two villages, Østerby and Vesterby.