Falster rundt i kajak

Around Falster

Around Falster – Spread over 7 stages a total of approx. 140 km

When you plan to row around Falster, it is important to have a stable weather period ahead of you, preferably 2-3 days of no or little wind, if this is not possible, it is important that the wind is westerly, so you have shelter on the east coast of Falster. Take all participants’ temper and physical condition into consideration when planning the trip. If you are in reasonable shape and have strong arms, then a 3-4 day trip may be appropriate. The hardcore can complete the round trip in 2 days. If you bring a tent, you must make sure to have a permit before you set it up. It is not allowed to spend the night at the dikes of Southern Falster. Or you can sleep without a tent on the beach. The Baltic Sea can be a tough acquaintance. Be especially careful when coming around at Gedser Odde. There is often a strong wind, the navigation channel is very close to the coast, and there are very strong currents. Please pay attention to the ferries going between Rostock and Gedser, especially when you pass the ferry harbour. You should also be aware of the particularly strong currents around Gedser and Grønsund. Also pay attention to shipping and ferry services at Stubbekøbing in Grønsund.

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