Bike holidays on Lolland-Falster

The flat landscape and small winding roads on Lolland-Falster seem as if they were created specifically for a bike holiday. Whether you are up for a long tour or just want some fresh air during you holiday you will find a route where the distances fit your needs. 

Do not miss out on taking the 38 km long route on the dike from Albuen to Hyldekrog (Østersøstien), which is the only place where this is allowed in Europe.

Plan your trip

Friluftsguiden - Here you will find many predefined routes mapped out and described for different activities. Can be downloaded for GPS.

Naviki - European route planner where you can enter your starting point and destination. Allows you too see data of the route. 

Cyclistic - Recreational planner which allows you to plan your own trip or be inspired by official routes. 


Accomodation on Lolland-Falster

Sleep like a dream

Bike rentals at Lolland-Falster

Bike rentals

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