Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Fjord is, with its 10 islands, the Danish fjord with the greatest number of small islands and that in itself provides many opportunities for variation in trips on the inlet. Besides the many islands Nakskov Fjord offers many of beautiful sceneries. Both flora and fauna are well represented and there are multiple rare species.

Falster rundt i kajak

Around Falster

Around Falster – Spread over 7 stages a total of approx. 140 km

Northern Lolland

The waters north of Lolland and the Smålandsfarvandet starting from Kragenæs Marina

North western Lolland

Onsevig is located on the north-western corner of the island of Lolland. The area is a good ’kayak ground’ for both beginners and experienced with north and west facing shores of shallow waters and sheltered coves. The shallow waters offer lots of beautiful sceneries.

Guldborgsund and Nysted

Guldborgsund – The waters between Lolland and Falster

Guldborgsund is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. The narrow strait offers both beautiful woodlands and a magnificent manor landscape with fields down to the strait. In the center you find the city of Nykøbing, where there is possibility of provisioning and urban life. Close by, you also have several major attractions; for example The Medieval Centre and Fuglsang Art Museum.

Fishing from fishing boats

In the Baltic Sea there is excellent cod fishing and fishing boats sail out with anglers from Gedser to good nearby fishing areas. In the Langeland Belt we have amazing flat fish and cod fishing. Flatfish fishing here is so good that it is renowned everywhere in Denmark and lots of foreign anglers also come here to practice this fishery. Fishing takes place from fishing boats.

Pier fishing

From the piers you can fish for flatfish and sometimes cod and sea trout.

Put & take

Sometimes it is easy to catch fish in the Put & Take lakes - other times it is difficult, and it requires a little knowledge to outwit the fish. But there are always fish in the lakes, and there is a cozy atmosphere. Many of our Put & Take lakes are located in beautiful natural surroundings, within easy reach and are very family friendly.

Freshwater fishing

Gike and perch are the most popular freshwater fish and here we really have something to offer, with large brackish water perch in Nakskov Indrefjord and pike fishing in the Maribo Lakes. However, this fishing is very dependent on the season and always best in spring and fall. But large salt water perch can be caught from many of our piers throughout the summer.

Coastal fishing sites

Along the coasts we have many good fishing grounds, where you predominantly catch garfish and sea trout. The fishing for garfish peaks in May and the beginning of June, and is really an event for the whole family to participate.

Tour itinerary: In the quiet of the green woods

In the quit of the green woods - 31 km / 11,5 km

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at Slotsbryggen in Nykøbing Falster. If you are accompanied by children, it is recommended you shorten the tour to 11.5 km (Map 1) with a stop at Guldborgsund Zoo. Provisions cannot be bought beyond Nykøbing Falster, so be sure to take a packed lunch with you!

Accommodation around Marielyst

We have made an accomodation list for the area in and around Marielyst on Falster. That way, you can stay close to, for example, Marielyst Beach which was awarded "Best Beach of Denmark" three years in a row.

Accommodation along Coast to coast

The Coast to Coast biking day trip starts in Nykøbing F. and goes to Marielyst and back. There is a lot of beautiful nature sights.

Tour itinerary: Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast - 39 km / 31 km

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at the tourist information office at Marielyst. Marielyst tourist information office (1) can hire out cycles which you can pedal round the pano-rama route. Head down Marielyst Strandvej until you reach Stouby Tværvej - later in the summer sunflowers bloom along the roadside!

Accommodation along the Sund Route

The Sund Route is a wonderful biking day trip at Guldborgsund. There are plenty of places to spend the night along the route. See also the other biking day trips on Lolland-Falster.

Tour itinerary: The Sund Route

44 km

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at Slotsbryggen in Nykøbing Falster.

Accommodation around Nykøbing

Nykøbing Falster is a beautiful town which is located at the impeccable Guldborgsund. Therefore, we have made this list of places to spend the night. There is plenty of stuff to do in and around Nykøbing F., also on a rainy day.

Tour itinerary: Fun on the pedals

Fun on the pedals - 18 km / 24 km

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at the tourist information office at Marielyst. You'll find places to eat in Marielyst, but you can also "refuel" on the way at grocery stores in Væggerløse and Marrebæk.

Rent a bike on Lolland-Falster

There are good reasons to rent a bike on Lolland-Falster. On Lolland-Falster, there is an abundance of fantastic bicycke routes for the entire family, designed to be one day trips in the beautiful nature.

Enjoy your packed lunch

Bring your packed lunch or a picnic basket and experience the wonderful nature of Lolland-Falster. The many forests, beaches, straits, belts and lakes offer unique experiences in nature - all of it almost right outside the door.

A packed lunch just tastes better in the fresh air and here are 13 great places to maximize that experience: