Guldborgsund and Nysted

Guldborgsund – The waters between Lolland and Falster

Guldborgsund is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. The narrow strait offers both beautiful woodlands and a magnificent manor landscape with fields down to the strait. In the center you find the city of Nykøbing, where there is possibility of provisioning and urban life. Close by, you also have several major attractions; for example The Medieval Centre and Fuglsang Art Museum.

The waters of Guldborgsund is a narrow strait with strong currents, so be aware of this when you cross the navigation channel. Be especially careful in the open waters down towards Rødsand in the south. The water level of the strait can vary a lot with tides and by prolonged westerly winds where a lot of water is gathered in the Baltic Sea. Large areas of shallow water and many large stones can be found.

Maritime Rules

During the breeding season 15/3 - 15/7 all traffic on and close to Hjelm Island, Barholmene and Vigsø is prohibited. Frejlev Forest and the islands of Kalvø, Kejlsø and Lilleø are conservation areas.

Nysted – The southernmost borough

Nysted is beautifully situated in a small well-protected creek on the south coast of Lolland next to the Baltic Sea with a forrest, a very nice beach and Nysted Strand Camping. In Nysted the beautiful houses in the old streets almost make time stand still. Experience the harbour with views of the old Ålholm Castle, the Church, the poet Emil Aarestrup’s house and the exhibition ”World of Winds”, where you acquire information about the offshore wind farm off Nysted.

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