Angling guide

The angling guide for Lolland-Falster was produced in 2014 and is your overview of fishing sites on all of Lolland-Falsters.

Coastal fishing is of course a very widespread type of fishing on Lolland-Falster, but in the guide you will also find Put & Take lakes, streams, lakes and places you can sail from, either with your own boat or by joining arranged fishing trips with experienced captains.

The Copenhagen - Berlin route

It’s necessary to be well trained to do a 600 km bike route. Having divided the route into 15 stages which equals an average of 40-45 km a day gives you a 2 week holiday and the route does not seem so long.

Experiences along the route

You can of course start anywhere you like, but if you start in Copenhagen, the route will look as follows:

Femø Island – Beautiful nature and fabulous jazz

The ferry Femøsund sails from Kragenæs on Lolland to Femø island. Along the way you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Fejø, Askø and Lilleø islands, and the vast array of birdlife that lives there. If you are lucky, the ferry may follow the course of couple of playful porpoise. The journey from Kragenæs to Femø takes about 50 minutes. If you are taking a car with you, remember to reserve a place on the ferry.

Natural experiences abound in North Falster

North Falster is an area of incredibly beautiful nature. The forests are well preserved and here in the Corselitze Forest you can find amongst others Denmark’s largest tree.

Heading out to the East, you will arrive at Halskov Vænge forest, where there are 6 dolmens and 72 burial mounds, which is a very high concentration indeed. 

Nysted Harbour

The harbour in Nysted is the heart of the town. Life pulsates from here and you find yourself right in the centre of both the town and nature. Nysted harbour stands at the head of Nysted Cove, with a superb view out across to the Femem Strait and the offshore wind turbines at Rødsand, as well as the beautiful old market town and Ålholm Castle. 

Cycling routes on Falster

There is a wealth of opportunities to exercise during your holiday. Approximately 600 km of cycling routes comprising of 11 superb routes await you just around the corner.

They all pass through stunningly beautiful natural surroundings, mostly traffic free, perfect for family outings. Remember, you can rent bicycles locally.

Fishing locations on South Falster

There are plenty of excellent possibilities for fishing from lakes, beaches or a cutter. 

The beaches of South Falster

The many beaches and their qualities make this region unique. It is possible to find small secluded locations with few visitors as well as bustling lively locations with swarms of people.

They all face out onto the shimmering Baltic Sea. 

Fejø Island

Fejø lies like a precious pearl in the Smålands Sea just 15 minutes from the North Lolland coast. The small ferry M/F Christine rallies out from Kragenæs from early morning to late evening.  This idyllic island is renowned for its juice and apples as well as its friendly, accommodating residents. It has around 650 residents and two villages, Østerby and Vesterby.

Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Inner fjord