Rent a bike on Lolland-Falster

There are good reasons to rent a bike on Lolland-Falster. On Lolland-Falster, there is an abundance of fantastic bicycke routes for the entire family, designed to be one day trips in the beautiful nature.

Enjoy your packed lunch

Bring your packed lunch or a picnic basket and experience the wonderful nature of Lolland-Falster. The many forests, beaches, straits, belts and lakes offer unique experiences in nature - all of it almost right outside the door.

A packed lunch just tastes better in the fresh air and here are 13 great places to maximize that experience:


Biking Day Trips on Falster

Falster has a fantastic mix of wonderful nature, old towns, beautiful buildings, and lovely attractions. That is why Falster is a perfect place to go on a bicycle vacation. See also our bicycle routes on Lolland.

Activities for and active holiday

It is the little moments in life when you are closest to your family that create enduring memories, the moments that you cannot always find time for during a busy day. Lolland-Falster affords you a wealth of opportunities to actively explore and reinforce relationships either as a family or individually, the possibilities are endless.

Cycling routes on Falster

There is a wealth of opportunities to exercise during your holiday. Approximately 600 km of cycling routes comprising of 11 superb routes await you just around the corner.

They all pass through stunningly beautiful natural surroundings, mostly traffic free, perfect for family outings. Remember, you can rent bicycles locally.