Købelev Garden is laying on North West Lolland close to a forest and to the beach, and the fields around the garden are planted with black currant and cherry.

Because of the many exotic plants the garden is a very big contrast to the surrounding areas. The importance of rare plants and novelties will never be forgotten in the garden. 

Købelev Garden
is marked by Asian garden art. Especially in the new Japanese garden, which really has become exemplary, is it possible to find all kind of Japanese effects, many granite lights, a little thatched waiting house, Innergate with elegant bamboo fence, big water part with fish, where you walk on tread stone over the water, watercourse with cascades and many shaped bushes and trees together with many Japanese cherry trees.

Furthermore there is a big Zen garden/meditation garden, which is encircled by a high wall made according to Japanese regulations. Both the Japanese gardens are made according to careful investigations from books and journeys to Japan. 

At the back of the garden is made a lovely area with tables and benches for the quests own food and drinks. This area is first and foremost planted with magnolia, Cornus, empire trees, hibiscus and more. The bottom is planted with lots of daylilies, Hosta, American iris. Beets with crab apples have been made – under planted with Austin roses. 

The facilities are good, a nice coffee room with seats for 60 – 70 people, a toilet and a wheelchair toilet. You can buy coffee and cakes, beer, wine, mineral water, ice, souvenirs and plants. 

Furthermore there is a somewhat older section with a big number of Rhododendrons, Hosta, magnolia and a Chinese inspired area with a pavilion, a bridge and a water part. All this is gathered on the approximately 8.000 square meters, which Købelev Garden consists of. 

The signs that are leading to the garden begin at the main road 9 and can also be seen at the by-pass road by Horslunde. The signs´ denomination is Botanisk Have. Reserved associations are usually guided for about 1 hour, and they really are told about the rare and historical plants.   

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Oddevej 116
4900 Nakskov


+45 54932087


  • Facilities

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Longitude : 11.101206
Latitude : 54.921071