Fejø, Femø, Askø, Lilleø and Vejrø Islands

In the Smålands Sea lies several little islands, just waiting to be explored. You will find yourself far away from home after a short trip. The peace and nature is absolutely breathtaking and filled with possibilities for activities with family and friends.

Fejø Island

Fejø is idyllically situated north of Lolland in the Smålands Sea, just 15 minutes by ferry from Kragenæs. The island has an abundance of associational activities and is renowned throughout Denmark for its ciders and juices. 

Vejrø Island

An absolute pearl situated away from any public transport – the only way to get there is either in your own boat, by plane or upon arrangement from a nearby harbour.


Experience real savannas, meet crocodile experts, the thrill of speeding go-carts, huge indoor water parks - all at Lolland-Falster!

Island life

Island life affords a very unique peacefulness, people are open and honest, there is an emphasis on the good things in life and everything happens at its own pace.

The islands are often characterised by their excellent beaches, exceptional overnight locations and extraordinary natural experiences.

Femø Island

The island is characterized by the Woman’s Camp and the Femø Jazz Festival