Cities, Islands, and Places

Visit the many small villages at Lolland-Falster, and take a day-trip to some of the small surrounding islands. The islands have a mild climate, making them suitable for orchards. The orchards are celebrated every year with 'Sydhavsøernes Fruit Festival'.

There are beautiful nature experiences everywhere at Lolland-Falster, including more than 600 km beautiful coastline and idyllic forests and gardens, which annually attracts tourists throughout the year.

Maribo-søerne fra luften

Towns and cities of Lolland-Falster

Lolland-Falster is not only nature and countryside. We have the city of Maribo with its cathedral and several towns, that one and each deserve a visit. Find more inspiration here.

Femø Færge

Islands around Lolland-Falster

Lolland-Falster are islands in themselves, but in addition we can offer something quiet unique. Several islands societies, that with their own local environment is a treat to visit.

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Naturpark Maribosøerne

Guided tours at Maribo Lakes and Nature Park

A guided tour at one of the beautiful nature parks of Lolland-Falster is a must when visiting the islands. Tours can be arranged year-round at the Maribo Lakes - lean more here.