Food and Beverage

Lolland-Falster has gained international recognition for its locally produced food, and is amongst other known for luxury beer, balanced cider, tasty juices and world renowned cherry wine.
The list is long, and you will be pleased to find something to your liking in any season. The Lolland-Falster pantry is well worth exploring through multiple pit stops at the many farm shops, when makring your way through the beautiful landscapes.

Familie på restaurant

Restaurants and cafes

Common to all restaurants and cafes at Lolland-Falster is the locally produced- and fresh ingredients. Try for example the authentic restaurant called The Complete Angler.

Lokale specialiteter

Farm shops and local specialties

The are locally produced specialties al around Lolland-Falster, and you can easily explore and purchase the products at the many farm shops or at Frederiksdal.

Sydhavsøernes Frugtfestival

Fruit Festival at Lolland-Falster

Sydhavsøernes Fruit Festival runs once a year. The aim of the festival is to strengthen local, Danish fruit producers and display the glorious fruit landscape Lolland-Falster contains.

Smagsoplevelser på Lolland

Book a trip and taste the best of Lolland

Lolland-Falster is known for its 600 km coastline, flat landscape and impressive pantry. Book a trip from Copenhagen and find inspiration in the locally produced ingredients at the various farm shops.

Billede af hestestalden på Krenkerup

Madsamlingen at Krenkerup

Order local produce over the internet and pick them up once a week.