Fuglsang Art Museum

Award-winning art museum in the middle of nature

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum was designed by the English architect Tony Fretton and the award-winning building houses a very fine collection of Danish art which extends from the end of the 18th century until today. Besides the art work from the museum’s collection 2 – 3 special exhibitions are shown annually.

Food and drinks from the café can be enjoyed inside or out but always in beautiful surroundings.

The museum is situated in the picturesque lands of Fuglsang Herregård (Manor), which provides plenty of opportunities for a beautiful walk. 

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Fuglsang Manor Estate

Fuglsang Manor Estate is situated on Lolland just between Nykøbing F. and the port of Nysted on the south coast of Lolland in the heart of one the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. Although Fuglsang dates right back to the Middle Ages, the current main building was constructed in 1859 by the then lord of the manor Viggo de Neergaard, who was married to Bodil de Neergaard, granddaughter of the composer I.P.E. Hartmann. The couple laid the foundation for Fuglsang’s distinguished cultural traditions for music and painting.

Fuglsang’s approximately 40 acres of picturesque parkland are open to the public every day of the week. Discover the fantastic "grotto" in the centre of the garden!

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