Vejrø Island

Live the dream on Vejrø, an island where people, animals and nature thrive in complete harmony!

This idyll exists for to those of you who will appreciate and be appreciated and would like to experience, taste and just be. Vejrø is situated on the Smålands Sea, a little closer to the north of Lolland than the south of Zealand. 

There is no public transport to Vejrø. If you would like to visit the island, you have to sail or fly on your own initiative or let us arrange transport for you.

The island is 2.6 kilometres long and up to 700 metres wide, 155 hectares in all. Of these, 100 hectares is organically farmed and the rest comprises houses, gardens, forest and tidal meadows.

Apart from the six-sided lighthouse, there are seven houses on the island. Each of the houses bears a historic name based on the earlier resident and its original function. For example, the island’s oldest preserved farm, Blæsenborg, the lighthouse assistant’s house Skrivers Hus or Den Gamle Skole (The Old School). 

We are currently trying to expand on Vejrø’s inherent potential. Rooted in, and with respect for the historic and nature-oriented development we wish to create: An island in balance, activity and production. An island where people, under the auspices of a company or privately, who will appreciate and sense the uniqueness, can come, experience, see, hear and taste with good conscience! 

Vejrø is a perfect location for meetings, teambuilding, conferences, holidays, hunting, sailing and much more. We afford unique possibilities, far away from civilization! Out here, there is the sea, the forest, open expanses, open sky, room to relax, work and be active!

Here you will find comfortable houses, soft sofas and all the modern conveniences. Here, the twenty-first century meets Morten Korch and Gore-Tex is combined with Tweed.

It is very important that everything is delivered with intimacy and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with an eye for quality. Purchase products in the farm shop, enjoy a coffee in the coffee shop Kafferiet and dine at the weekly grill arrangements throughout the summer. You will find large blackberries, deep blue damsons, yellow cherry plums, crab apples and slender wild garlic growing wild on the island. Pluck and eat them or pickle and store them! Fundamentally, it is all about love and care, and you can taste it.  See more about the island here.

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Did you know

No public transport to Vejrø, and yet it has its own airport!