Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Fjord is, with its 10 islands, the Danish fjord with the greatest number of small islands and that in itself provides many opportunities for variation in trips on the inlet. Besides the many islands Nakskov Fjord offers many of beautiful sceneries. Both flora and fauna are well represented and there are multiple rare species. If you want to know more about the fjord, fauna and nature you can visit the website Here you will also find many other useful links to attractions on Lolland. You will find disability-friendly bridges on the islands.

Take special care when entering the harbour and the navigation channel. You are kindly asked to row outside the navigation channel. Respect the rest of the shipping traffic.

You can plan trips on the inlet ranging from 6-9 km and up to 32-35 km - For inspiration consult our tour suggestions and compose your own tours.

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Nakskov Fjord
4900 Nakskov


  • Classification

    • Saint Hannes Cross



Longitude : 11.033313
Latitude : 54.854051