Northern Lolland

The waters north of Lolland and the Smålandsfarvandet starting from Kragenæs Marina

The area is ideal for kayaking, no matter if you go for a one-day trip or for several days with overnight stays, and it is very suitable for both beginners and experienced kayakers. There is an abundant wildlife and both seals and porpoises can be seen in the area. There is not very far from one place to another, the area and nature is varied and there are usually no deeper water depths. This contributes to the fact that these waters, very early in the season reach a good temperature, and are warmer than most other places in Denmark.

Sakskøbing Fjord

Sakskøbing is situated at the bottom of Sakskøbing Fjord – a lively town which celebrates its yearly Fruit Festival in September. Out through the inlet there is a rich bird and fish life and there are several marinas. Oreby Castle and Oreby Inn are located in the fjord, just before it mouths into the Smålandsfarvandet. Sakskøbing Harbour and Saxkjøbing Rowing Club are situated close to the town square and shopping street as are several restaurants. There is a youth hostel and a camping site as well as a hotel in town. Sakskøbing Motor- and Sailingclub is situated in the inner harbour and a bit further out in the fiord, by Maltrup Vænge, lies Sakskøbing Boat Guild. In Sakskøbing there is rental of canoes and kayaks and guided tours.

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