The Copenhagen - Berlin route

If you follow the international cyckling route no 7 it's 630 km from Copenhagen to Berlin. Your trip between the two capitals takes you through unspoiled nature, you get close to the sea and you will get loads of experiences and discoveries.

It’s necessary to be well trained to do a 600 km bike route. Having divided the route into 15 stages which equals an average of 40-45 km a day gives you a 2 week holiday and the route does not seem so long.

Experiences along the route

You can of course start anywhere you like, but if you start in Copenhagen, the route will look as follows:

Go south from Copenhagen to Køge and continue further south to Stevns, to see Gjorslev -  Denmark’s best preserved medieval castle. Not far from the castle, facing the coast is Gjorlev beech forest with 55 passage graves. Further south the white cliffs of Stevns stand 40 meters above the blue water and the abbey at Vemmetofte. Via Faxe Ladeplads you reach Møn and Nykøbing Falster having met a lot of sights and having had many experiences on the way. You could also take a detour to Faxe Limestone Quarry, Møn’s Cliff and the city of Vordingborg. And don’t miss the tiny island of Nyord where Lolles Gård serves unique food. In Nykøbing Falster a visit to the Medieval Centre is a must for both adults and children. You will see formidable fight between mounted knights, trebuchets shooting fireballs and you can sail on Guldborgsund in a medieal ship.

The route to Gedser basically follows the old, calm and twisted country road to the southernmost point in Denmark. After a two hour rest on the ferry you can enjoy the beautiful Hanseatic town of Rostock, which  lies at the mouth of the river Warnow.  Then the route carries on  through the landscapes, villages and towns of Mecklenburg,  Vorpommern and Brandenburg to Nieder Neuendorf with the only watch tower left from the time German was divided. The S-train will transport you with your bike and luggage to the new – and old – german capital. Get off at Bahnhof Friedrichsstrasse ,  right in the city centre and you’re only a few minutes away from the parliament (der Reichstag), Brandenburger Tor and Potzdamer Platz.

It’s a bike ride to remember and ideally suited for your biking holiday. You decide the speed at which you want to go and you will find all the information you need including places to stay at

The German publisher Esterbauer has several detailed cyckling books but only in German. You can buy the cyckling guide book Copenhagen-Berlin here

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Leave your own bike at home

Danish MTB-Tours and German are bike rental companies and has a cooperation on the route between Copenhagen and Berlin, where you rent your bike in the one capital and leaves it in the other. If you only want to bike parts of the route, bikes can also be delivered or picked up along the route for an additional charge.

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If you rent 3 or more bikes from Cykelbørsen in Copenhagen you can have the bikes picked up at a place of your own choice anywhere in Denmark, when you have finished your bike trip.

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- It's possible to cycle from Berlin to Copenhagen

- Only limited possibilities to bring your bike on German trains