Enjoy your packed lunch

Bring your packed lunch or a picnic basket and experience the wonderful nature of Lolland-Falster. The many forests, beaches, straits, belts and lakes offer unique experiences in nature - all of it almost right outside the door.

A packed lunch just tastes better in the fresh air and here are 13 great places to maximize that experience:


  1. Stubberup Harbour by Nysted. Tables and benches.
  2. Kragenæs Harbour. Tables and benches.
  3. Gedser Odde, most southerly point of Scandinavia.
  4. Onsevig Harbour. Tables, benches and bathing facilities.
  5. Fejø, by Dybvig Harbour. Tables, benches and toilettes.
  6. Albuen in Nakskov Fjord.  Access by foot or by Postbåden ("The post boat").
  7. The harbour in Hesnæs. Good beach
  8. The natural playground in Bangsebroskoven (Bangsebro Forest) by Nykøbing F. Barbeque and fireplace.
  9. The nature School by Maribo Søndersø. Shelters.
  10. Skalø (Fejø), Small privately owned Harbour.
  11. Oreby Harbour. Small harbour with green areas.
  12. Bøtø Nor. Old flood pump station.
  13. Sortsø Harbour with a great view of the Farø Bridge.

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