Askø – Lilleø islands

25 minutes sailing from Bandholm is the island of Askø with its idyllic little waterfront that affords you a hearty welcome.

The joy of island life lies in the incredible tranquillity that pervades, thereby creating the perfect conditions for relaxing and forgetting the stresses of everyday life, enabling you to be at one with nature. The beautiful array of birdlife is particularly exceptional. If you are very lucky, you might even spot a seal by the water’s edge. There are also many opportunities for fishing to be had; the islands are especially good for catching sea trout and there are plenty of garfish from May to June.

The natural splendour of the islands makes them ideal for walking and cycling excursions as well as being close to nature and feeling the wind in your hair.  It is also possible to experience the little island museum as well as the church.

Askø and Lilleø are connected by a 700 metre long dike.

Fruit growing and Agriculture 

Askø & Lilleø are at their most beautiful in spring when the fruit trees are in blossom. Claus Meyer has turned this time into an annual event to celebrate the blossom with his Apple Flower Festival. There are plenty of stalls and seasonal products: apples, plums and honey.

There are also small galleries winding their way around and the light over the Smålands Sea is especially beautiful at that time of the year.

Askø and Lilleø are characterised by agriculture and fruit growers, the most famous of whom is Claus Meyer who has put Lilleø on the map through his production of spirits, apple juice and beer. In addition, Lilleø wine resulted from collaboration between sommelier Anders Selmer, fruit grower Hans Lund Hansen, Noma’s Head Chef René Redzepi, and Chef Claus Meyer, who took over Vigmosegaard on Lilleø in 2003. Moreover, Lilleø supplies raw materials to Nordhavn Vinegar Brewery

The residents of Askø and Lilleø have also created an excellent website to showcase the islands – See more about the islands here

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Did you know

Askø and Lilleø are connected by a 700 metre long dike. 

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