Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Inner fjord

There is free access to the area, however traffic on the dike is forbidden between 15 March - 15 July. Nakskov Inner fjord is situated right in at Nakskov town. There are footpaths along the eastern and northern sections of the Inner fjord. The area is suitable for walking in nature, close to the town and has a well constructed path system. Parking is available at Krøyers Gård around a kilometre away.  There are also excellent possibilities for fishing. You can obtain a fishing permit for sections of the Inner fjord at Nakskov Tourist Bureau.


Albuen itself is a narrow 7.5 km long hooked-shaped peninsula that separates the Langelands Strait from Nakskov Fjord. The peninsula is relatively low-lying, created from sand and stones that have been deposited here over several thousand years. The area is situated in a Natura 2000 protected zone with many birds and rare Natterjack toads. Sea pinks, yellow bindweed and white yarrow bloom beautifully on Albuen. In the Middle Ages people used to come from all over Europe to the herring market on Albuen. Today, you will find fisherman’s cottages, a pilot’s house, a lighthouse, school and coastal observation post, which testify to the past century. You can walk to Albuen along the narrow isthmus; it is 6 km to the lighthouse, or you can take the post boat from Nakskov harbour. Contact the tourist bureau to make a reservation. Tel. +45 54 92 21 72. The main part of Albuen is state-owned; the rest is privately-owned. In the state-owned zone, you will find tables, benches and grilling areas. There is a composting toilet at the lighthouse. There is no drinking water on Albuen, so you will need to bring some with you. The coastal observation outpost is well worth visiting. The outpost is open all year round, so you can enjoy a packed lunch in the dry weather while taking in the magnificent view. See much more at The white Pilot’s house is state-owned and used by Naturvejledningen (the Danish Nature guides) on Nakskov Fjord as a combined museum and nature centre with the possibility for an overnight stay.  Dogs should be kept on a leash from 1st of April to 30th September due to the rich array of animal and birdlife.

The post boat

Come onboard the post boat while it delivers the post. The post boat sails out to the islands in Nakskov Fjord with post and goods for the islanders. The journey is never the same every time, but one thing remains constant, the post boat always sails to Albuen, where it holds a break for an hour. This provides you ample opportunity to enjoy a packed lunch, take a dip or go for a short stroll in the unique nature to be found there. You should not expect a guided tour while the post boat is making its deliveries. However, the skipper will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Normally, the Vesta sails with the post, but occasionally the post is delivered by the Galia or the Svend. It is possible to have your bicycle on onboard for DKK 20. You can choose to be set ashore on Langø and cycle back to Nakskov on the incredibly beautiful cycling path along the fjord. You can also choose to be set ashore on Enehøje and picked up again on the way back. An experience not to be missed. See more about the post boat here at www.postbå 

Guided tours 

There are numerous tours for groups held year round. The destinations are the fjord with the islands of Slotø, Vejlø, Enehøje or Albuen or various exciting localities around the fjord.   If you would like to know more than what is written in the books and folders, we highly recommend a tour with our nature guide Klaus Bek Nielsen, who can be contacted via his mobile number +45 20 63 92 09, or email The nature guide can assist you with good advice, booking boats and tailoring the tour to meet your wishes. As a rule, the Danish nature guide offers a 5 hour tour of the fjord for 20-30 people that includes the boat and a guided tour of nature for DKK 180-200 per person. Tours, with or without a guide can also be ordered at Nakskov Tourist Bureau tel. +45 54 92 21 72, email:, where the staff can assist you with good advice. Danpirk I/S also offers guided tours of the fjord by boat, with Otto Paludan as the guide. The tour takes place either onboard the post boat Vesta or the Gaia, which has a warm cabin if it is cold outside. Gaia has room for around 12 persons. The post boat Vesta can accommodate up to 30 persons. Danpirk c/o Annelise and Otto Paludan can be contacted at tel. +45 54 93 12 36, mobile +45 30 53 42 36, email: We also offer talks on the history of Nakskov Fjord as well as wildlife and fauna. Here you can see lots of beautiful photos taken on the fjord. A talk normally takes between one and a half to two hours and costs DKK 6-800. In addition, we have photos of many animals, plants and locations, so we can arrange several different talks.  See more at www.nakskov...

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Did you know

Lolland generates five times more green energy than it consumes, from amongst others large wind turbines. You can embrace a wind turbine near the dike between Nakskov and Rødby.

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