Family-friendly accommodation in Marielyst

You cannot come closer to the beach, the water and the forest. Marielyst is idyllically nestled amongst the walking and cycling routes, under open skies with the wind beneath your wings.

Holiday cottages and Appartments

Marielyst is well known for its almost 6,000 holiday cottages. The development of this seaside town dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Later in the 1940’s the number of holiday cottages in Marielyst grew to between 5-600. Over the years, many Germans and Danes have often holidayed in the holiday cottages around Marielyst, popularly called "Lysten" (delight), and consequently return when they have children of their own. Although, the houses have changed in character over the years, it is still possible to rent small charming cottages and large luxurious houses alike, both from private owners and commercial agencies. There are so many possibilities, but once you have tried it, you will always want to keep coming back. Find your new summer holiday paradise here.

Hotels and Holiday centres 

It is possible stay at a hotel in the middle of the town. Hotel Nørrevang new owners welcome you and on select days there is dancing and live music in the restaurant. Marielyst Feriecenter is located just back from the beach and the water, between the aspen and beech trees, nestled in the middle of beautiful natural area called ”Den Duftende Plantage” (The scented plantation). Take a good sniff and see if you can detect the fragrant nuances of the different woods and, of course, the salty sea. There is plenty of wildlife to see in the mornings. Remember to take a little bread with you so the kids can feed the curious pheasants that trundle about in all their magnificent feathery splendour, year round. Or during a long Spring weekend with the family experience the many "Easter” hares that run about in the plantation. There are around 150 wooden houses situated in the middle of the plantation, designed with respect for surrounding nature. The houses, which were designed by Stephan Kappel, are just 500 metres from the beach. See more about hotels and holiday centres here

Camping & Tent pitches 

Camping is a lifestyle and some of the most attractive camping sites in Denmark are located on East Falster. All have the one thing in common, a superb location in exceptionally beautiful surroundings. Close to the forest, the beach, town life or the water, the choice is yours. Café Klein and the youth scene perhaps, or if you prefer Sildestrup Beach and its lovely sand. Basically, there is something for everyone. See the overview of sites where you can place your caravan or pitch your tent on your next holiday here.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast is much more than simply a place to sleep and eat. For many, the private nature is of this form of accommodation has more soul, which has led to its popularity in recent years.  Also in Marielyst, this is a central and attractive form of accommodation – see two charming establishments here

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Did you know

Marielyst draws the most overnight stays in the Region of Sjælland, from 500,000 to 700,000 per year.