Nature experiences around Marielyst

You cannot come closer to the beach, the water and the forest. Marielyst is idyllically nestled amongst the walking and cycling routes under open skies with the wind beneath your wings.

Falster offers many great natural experiences, including Scandinavia's most southerly point, 11 cycling routes, just as many beaches, fishing from the coast and much more.

Cycle routes

There are 11 cycling routes on Falster that snake gently between hills, trees and towns; all within reach of the glistening sea. Although Falster and Lolland afford a relatively flat terrain, the undulating roads still roll gently through the landscape. It is a delight for the eyes and the soul to pass through the countryside, so close to nature, with the bees humming and wind blowing through your hair.

See the many routes here.

Fishing from the coast 

There are numerous fantastic fishing locations on Lolland-Falster, in particular, the east coast of Falster offers some really good spots. It is possible to fish from the beach or you can try your luck in a put and take. See where you can cast your line here

Walking routes

The dike lends itself well to walking, either up or down the approximately 17.5 kilometre- long East Falster coastline. However, if you would prefer a slightly shorter route, you will find it in Sønder Kohave or out at Hasselø. It is also possible to walk on the cycling paths, which are asphalted. See all the routes here 


There are superb beaches in the vicinity of Marielyst, where safety is a priority. The Baltic Sea is much calmer than the North Sea, so much so that it is also very safe for toddlers to bath in. The beaches of East Falster stretch for 20 kilometres along the coast and end right down at Gedser, the most southerly point in Denmark. See a list of the different beaches here.

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Did you know

The Falster dike was constructed after the destructive storm flood in 1872. It winds for 17.5 kilometres along the coast of East Falster. For more about its history, see here