Tour itinerary: In the quiet of the green woods

This tour takes you deep into the forests and far back in time. You cycle right through 3 of Midtfalster's forests with the scent of the forest floor and spruce in your nostrils and to the sound of swaying beech treetops. Evidence of our history appears on the way: burial mounds, embankments and the seat of an ancient court.

In the quit of the green woods - 31 km / 11,5 km

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at Slotsbryggen in Nykøbing Falster. If you are accompanied by children, it is recommended you shorten the tour to 11.5 km (Map 1) with a stop at Guldborgsund Zoo. Provisions cannot be bought beyond Nykøbing Falster, so be sure to take a packed lunch with you!

The tour starts delightfully at Strandboulevarden with the strait to your left. When Strandboulevard finishes, the route takes you through India-nerstien - a tunnel of trees where the tops of the trees seem to become encircled. Ny Kirstineberg Gods (1) offers B&B accommodation in manorial style.

Right at the start of Bangsebroskoven you'll catch sight of Snedkerhøjene (2) down to the right. An old tale says that the large hills stem from the cattle plague and contain animal bones. In actual fact its people from the Bronze and Iron Ages who lay buried in the hills. In the middle of the forest the path divides towards the four points of the compass, and here one can shorten the tour and cycle south towards Nykøbing Falster (total length 11.5 km). Otherwise keep to the left and follow the path north out of the forest where you'll pass Snedkerbækken (3) amongst other things – a habitat for trout.

Where Nordensvej crosses under the train track you should dismount - a short but steep hill awaits on the other side, be careful of cyclists coming from the opposite direction! Going forward towards the entrance to Ovstrup Forest the route leads through Falster's countryside with open expanses, quickset hedgerows and views towards the forest. In Ovstrup and Hannenov Forests follow the signs for the exercise trail. Where the path divides, follow the route to the north. At the start of Ovstrup Forest (4) there are numerous reminders of the past to look out for on both sides of the road. Further into the forest the path leads down to a concealed and naturally beautiful sheltered area (5) with places to light a fire and views over the meadows. On the opposite side of the main road there's a lovely view over the meadows and the single oak tree. Nume-rous large and old oak trees grow in Hannenov Forest. The oldest is between 200 and 300 years old.

Take a detour down to Borremosen (6). An outlying pearl in nature's crown where the forest is reflected in the dark sea. It is possible to go round Borremosen where there is a path. Back on Virketvej there is a glimpse down to Virketvoldene (7) – an embankment from the Iron Age which acted as a refuge for the local population. The chronicler Saxo tells that: ”The Falstringers resisted a siege at Falsters Fælles Virke in 1158.” It must have been this embankment, he thinks.

Continue straight ahead at Hannenovvej towards Tingsted. Even at this distance the pink church (9) in Tingsted is lit up. Many think that it is unusual for a church to be pink. But in Falster and Lolland, Tingsted Church is one of several pink churches. Note the church's rich mural decorations. On the opposite side of the church is Tingsted Parliament. Parliament was held here in 1511.

In the middle of Bangsebro Forest follow the road to the south, and here you'll pass countryside from the golden age with unoccupied woodland areas and tall, straight standard trees.

Back in Nykøbing Falster, the route takes you by Guldborgsund Zoo, along Tingsted å towards Slotsbryggen.

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Small asphalted country roads with moderate traffic and forest roads. 

Max 2 % gradient.

Cycling time at 11 km/h (adults) approx. 2 hours 20 minutes
Cycling time at 8 km/h (children) approx. 3 hours