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Unique nature and peaceful small islands

The alluring nature of the South Sea Islands is full of possibilities. Whether you look for action or contemplation, for play or learning, you will find it here. Explore the unique nature parks Nakskov Fjord and Maribo Lakes, perhaps from the waterside from one of the popular tour boats, or enjoy the authenticity and the quiet life on one of the peaceful smaller islands.

Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Fjord is, with its 10 islands, the Danish fjord with the greatest number of small islands and that in itself provides many opportunities for variation in trips on the inlet. Besides the many islands Nakskov Fjord offers many of beautiful sceneries. Both flora and fauna are well rep...

Nature Park Maribo Lakes

Maribo Lakes Nature Park Maribosøerne, a unique conservation area, is situated in the middle of Lolland. From a national viewpoint, Maribosøerne is among our most outstanding natural areas, and because of the rich bird life, it is also a nature area of international importance.  Nature Pa...

The post boat Vesta

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Nysted Seal Safari

Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

The tour boat Anemonen

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Halskov Vænge

Bøtø Forest


Photo: Niclas Jessen

Ancient sites

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Island holidays in the Smålandsfarvand

If you dream about a peaceful holiday and time to relax in grounding and authentic surroundings, we warmly recommend an island holiday in the Smålandsfarvand north of Lolland. From Kragenæs on north Lolland you can catch a ferry to Fejø and Femø, while you can get to Askø/Lilleø from Bandholm. But watch out - island holidays can be highly addictive!


Photo: Niclas Jessen


Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster


Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster


Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

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