Photo: Ingrid Riis

Unique nature and peaceful small islands

The alluring nature of the South Sea Islands is full of possibilities. Whether you look for action or contemplation, for play or learning, you will find it here. Explore the unique nature parks Nakskov Fjord and Maribo Lakes, perhaps from the waterside from one of the popular tour boats, or enjoy the authenticity and the quiet life on one of the peaceful smaller islands.

Nakskov Fjord

Nature Park Maribosøerne


Photo: BEST Production

En oplevelse ud over det sædvanlige!

Dodekalitten et helt enestående og imponerende monument højt placeret i ”De Lollandske Alper” med udsigt over Smålandshavet. En MUST-SEE!

Halskov Vænge

Bøtø Forest


Photo: Niclas Jessen


Photo: Naturlandet

Ancient sites

Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster


Photo: Niclas Jessen

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