Biking Trip: Cycle route near the Baltic Sea 19 km

Cycle route near the Baltic Sea 19 km
Start your trip at the main building, Corselitze. In the beautiful large park you can see amongst other sights an approximately 3 m high wooden sculpture of Adam and Eva and a bench carved to resemble a crocodile. In 1779 Swedish workers constructed an "icehouse" with a deep cellar, in which they laid ice, so that it functioned as refrigeration/freezer house.
Ride along Korselitsevej out to Grønsundsvej and turn left after Bellingegårdsvej and the parking places. Just after, on the edge of the woods to the left, approximately 50 m in, you find the largest tree in Denmark, The Oak of Valdemar. The tree is estimated to be around 550 years old. The size of the tree is measured in volume. In 1990, The Oak of Valdemar was measured to be approximately 100 m3. The height was 25.4 m and the circumference was 9.35 m.Ride further along Grønsundsvej and turn towards Sdr. Alslev. Den Gamle Skole (The Old School) houses the Galleri Syd art gallery with varying exhibitions. Ride further towards Ulslev and turn by Hellersvej to Sdr. Ørslev.On Krangetvej in Hillestrup you can see the village meeting place, which consists of five large stones around a lime tree. In Sdr Ørslev, as you ride towards Ulslev, you pass Falster Power Station.Past Campinggården (camping site) at Ulslev Strand to Tromnæs, ride through the beech forests along the Baltic Sea coast. At Tromnæs you pass the General’s Pavilion, which General Classen had built in the 1780’s and which became listed in 1918. When you ride from the car park at Tromnæs along Tromnæs Allé, there is a forest road that leads to the left after about a half kilometre. If you ride about 300 m in, you arrive at a forest burial site, where some members of the Classen family are buried. Riding further along Tromnæs Allé brings you back to Corselitze.

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