Biking Trip: Cycle route near Nysted 26 km

Cycle route near Nysted 26 km
Starting from the harbour in Nysted ride along the coast on the cycle route "Paradisruten" (marked with a red apple) in an easterly direction.
Past the old redoubt that was constructed as a coastguard observation post during the English Wars from 1807.From the coast you can see the huge offshore wind turbine park located 10 km out at sea. It consists of 72 wind turbines, each measuring 110 m to the tip of the blades. Further, past Holten Strand, there is a family-friendly beach and an excellent surfing destination. Now ride by Kørsledsvej and Vantorevej, past the small, charming Vantore Church.Ride on along Billevej and Eskemosevej to Enghavevej where Skalkekorset (Rogues´ cross) can be seen on the right. Continue along Enghavevej on to Frejlev and see Solstenen (the Sunstone) on the left-hand side of the road. This is a sacrificial stone from the Bronze Age and the sun symbol is one of the largest in the country. Continue along Kettingevej, where Kettinge Church is situated just ahead on the right. Further ahead you come to Kettinge Mill, a Dutch mill from 1891, which was in service until 1945 and is now preserved as a historical monument and tourist attraction. If you bring a thermos of coffee with you, the beautifully restored gravel pit across from the mill is an excellent site to enjoy a cup. Continue along Kettingevej, which was previously the highway to Nysted.Past Ålholm Ladegård farm and continue along Adelgade to Slotsgade, which you ride down to arrive at the harbour, where Ålholm is situated just opposite. Ride along the cycle path called "Alverdens Gang" at the end of Slotsgade. The castle stands on the other side of the moat. At the end of the "Alverdens Gang" cycle path, you arrive at the Ålholm Automobile Museum, which unfortunately is temporarily closed.Back in Nysted you can enjoy life on the harbour or a ride through the streets of the town.

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