Biking Trip: East of Paradise

The route east of Nysted leads along the Baltic coast, through lush Danish forests and wide-open fields in a stunning Lolland landscape.

1. From Nysted Harbour, cycle south towards Skansen along the path by the water. Here, you will find a beautiful green area with a good bathing beach and an old defence redoubt from 1807.

2. From Skansen, follow route 38, the so-called “paradise route” with an apple as its symbol, which takes you along the shores of the Baltic Sea.

3. At the end of Strandhus Alléen, you can make a small detour to the right to the southeast corner of Lolland, where you will find Holten Beach.

4. The route runs north of Holtevej for a short distance and then left onto Våsenvej.

5. The route turns left down Mårbækvej, and then right again onto Vantorevej. Here, you can cycle through the small village of Vantore, which has houses dating back to 1722.

6. From Vantorevej, you can make a small detour down Kørsledsvej to the village of Tågense, where you can enjoy a typical Lolland landscape with flat fields and stone-strewn, beachy tidal meadows.

7. Vantorevej takes a sharp left close to the coast, and after a short distance it turns into a forest road that continues through Roden Forest. The forest belongs to Ålholm, and in 1880 it was adapted for hunting with the construction of a large circular grass field with a podium in the middle of the forest. In the forest, the route rejoins route 38.

8. Follow the forest road north towards Enghavevej, where the route diverges from route 38 once again.

9. Turn left here and follow the road, taking a sharp right and then a sharp left.

10. After just under 1 kilometre the road becomes Vænget, where it turns left into the forest once again.

11. From here, continue south down the forest road to Skovstræde, where you turn right. The route now heads out of the forest. Skovstræde bends left and can be followed back to the town of Nysted.

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