Biking Trip: Loads of fun and games around Nakskov

The ring road naturally links the town and the country, and it offers new and exciting opportunities to experience nature close to an urban environment. Take the kids too – they'll love the tour!

1. Nakskov offers quaint streets and beautifully renovated lanes running down to the harbour – the perfect starting and finishing place for your route. Postbåden (the mailboat) also sails from here – the best way to experience Nakskov Fjord.

2. Cycle down Toldbodgade out of the harbour in a northwesterly direction and continue along Stormgade, then follow Thestrupsvej to the left. Shortly afterwards, take another left onto Gasvej.

3. Turn left onto Strandpromenaden and continue along it until the houses stop and a gravel path leads to the right. You can also see the first sign that marks the ring road, and from here you can simply follow these signs all the way around.

A trip out to the Hestehoved is also recommended. Here you will find a lovely, child-friendly beach and Denmark's longest wooden pier, with a restaurant, campsite, kiosk and marina.

4. Follow the gravel path north-east and you will soon come to a lovely little nature playground on the left. Let the kids run around while the adults relax and enjoy the surroundings. Then continue in a north-northeasterly direction, and you will first come across Helgenaes Teglværk (brickwork factory). This is where Lolland’s last brickworks produced bricks and drainage pipes for over a hundred years before it was closed in 1980 and the area was converted into a recreational area. In Teglværk Forest you can fish for carp from a bridge, and the many paths are ideal for short walks. Many of the trees in the area have been planted by schoolchildren from Nakskov.

5. The route now heads east, with fine views over the open fields. Vildmark Forest offers a small children's playground, picnic area, trails and ponds.

6. At the northern end of the route, you have the option of making an exciting detour to the exercise trail and Hunde Forest. On the natural exercise trail, you will find instructions for eight different exercises that build fitness and strength.

7. Continue east, cross Maribovej and continue west before the path starts heading south. In Krukholm Forest, which with its 26 hectares is one of the new afforestation areas around Nakskov, you will reach to nice sheltered area where you can say overnight, albeit without many luxuries. Further on is the pumping station. It dates back to 1942 and can pump more than 8 m3 of water per second.

8. Continue along Indrefjord, where you have the opportunity to see many species of birds along the paths in this area from close up.

9. Continue along the route through a sparsely populated area to Maglehøjvej, where you turn right. From there you can cross the road again to the left and follow the signs and the path past the large wind turbines, all the way to the entrance to Nakskov Harbour. You can also continue north on Maglehøjvej all the way into the harbour.

10. Turn left into Havnegade, and you will immediately find yourself on Toldbodkaj once again.

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