Biking Trip: From nature park to nature park

The route here travels through parts of Maribo Lakes Nature Park – around Røgbølle Lake and around Musse Mose, locatd east of the nature park. Half of the route follows the Røgbølle Lake route, which is signposted all the way.

1. The trip begins at Søholt. Here, you can visit the Baroque garden just east of the estate. Remember to leave some money in the box at the entrance.

2. Continue east onto Søholtvej, which first turns into Frederikshusvej and later Røgbøllevej. There are lay-bys along the way where you can enjoy wonderful views of Røgbølle Lake.

3. At Ulriksdal, turn left onto Godstedvej.

The actual route continues along Hejredevej, but you can also turn into Godsted and admire the tiny, belfry-less medieval church, visit the Godstedlund café, B&B and gallery, as well as the impressive Ålevad Voldsted.

4. Ride back onto Hejredevej, where you pass “Højene”, a fenced area with numerous ancient mounds and the Hejrede Outdoor Farm. Then, turn right down Ettehavevej, left down Bunkevej and right again onto Small Mussevej towards Store Musse.

5. Go along Bramsløkkevej, past the Bramsløkke manor house (no access), and follow the road right until you reach the main road, Sakskøbingvej.

Just before Great Musse is Dølle-Fjelde Musse Natural Park, a former gravel pit area.

6. Continue south along Sakskøbingvej and take a right down Brydebjergvej. At the junction, turn right onto Karlbyvej, back to the Røgbølle Lake route.

7. Now, cycle left down Skovfogedvej to Sørup, where there is a nice rest area with disabled facilities, including a toilet, ramp and lookout platform, and table/benches.

Note the many pollarded poplars in the nature park, including along Saxfjed Strandvej. The branches were previously used for the fences around gardens and fields.

8. The tour continues towards Fuglse, where you turn right back towards Søholt. Just west of Søholt is a lay-by with a wonderful view of Sønder Lake and its meadow areas, which are often populated with hundreds of geese and other birds. If you are lucky, you might get to see the white-tailed eagles that live and breed here in the nature park.

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