Biking Trip: Over the Field, through the woods and home to the town

Stubbekøbing is one of Denmark's oldest market towns, with municipal privileges dating right back to 1354. Today, the town holds just over 2,000 people, offering a fine harbour and a ferry to Bogø, several small museums, an interesting church and different shopping opportunities.

1. Setting off from Stubbekøbing Harbour, cycle east down Orevej. There used to be a watermill here at the point where Fribrødre’s stream crosses the road.

2. In the middle of Ore, turn right onto Rodemarksvej and cycle through an open moraine landscape, with individual farms scattered about. At the end of the road, turn left onto Stangerupvej and then right down Klosterstræde.

3. The route continues right onto Lundskolevej, but you may choose to make a small detour to Åstrup, where the pink Åstrup church sits upon a hill, where it can be seen from far and wide.

4. After a short distance, turn down Grønsundsvej, which heads towards Horbelev. If you need to do a bit of shopping, Horbelev has a convenience store and a pizzeria.

5. Otherwise, cycle down Malkevej, then shortly after turn left towards Særslev and then right onto Falkerslevvej.

6. In Falkerslev, cycle past the red Falkerslev church, cross the main road and continue straight along Virketvej, which continues round to the left and through the small village of Virket.

Here, pass the beautiful Virket Lake and Voldstedgård farm, which once had the medieval Trygge Castle situated behind it.

At the start of Hannenov Forest, you’ll find Virkethus, a green village hall containing a toilet, picnic area, exercise area and visitor information. A little further into the forest on the left-hand side is Virket Voldsted, a refuge mentioned by Saxo in the wars against the Wends in 1158. A semi-circular fortification with ramparts and moats has been preserved. You can also visit Borremosen, a unique natural area with a number of lakes and old peat cuttings, where there are several rare species of plants and animals including the large white-faced darter. 

Hannenov Forest is a public forest, with footpaths for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. The Tingsted stream runs through the forest, and there are wide-open meadows and some areas with large, detached oak trees.

7. From Virketvej, continue straight along Fjællebrovej and where it ends, turn right onto Nybyvej.

8. After Nyby, turn right and go back into the forest along Åbankevej, which then turns into Skørringevej.

9. Just before the large Skørringe estate, turn left onto Sullerupvej. The landscape here is a typical manor landscape, with randomly scattered buildings and large, flat fields as far as the eye can see.

10. After Skørringe Huse, turn ont Sullerup Skovvej until you reach Lillebrænde. Continue to the right along Teglbrændervej until Lyngbyvej, which will lead you back onto the main road and back to Stubbekøbing.

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