Biking Trip: On a pilgrimage through the bronze age and Falster’s highest point

The route goes around the former Vålse Vig and offers a magnificent open-air area with Falster’s highest point: the Bronze Age mound Bavnehøj, a famous pilgrimage church and a splendid view of the reclaimed area.

1. At Nørre Vedby, cross the major road Storstrømsvej through the bicycle tunnel and continue along the gravel road up to Møllebanken and Helene Stranges Plads.

Helene Strange was a writer and folklore collector who originally came from north Falster. There is a toilet, picnic area, tables and benches, etc.

2. Continue left down Nr. Vedbyvej until you reach an exit to Bavnehøj Fritidsområde (recreation area). This area is partly a functioning gravel pit and partly a municipal recreation area with footpaths, shelters, a maze, several cabins and information about the area. There are toilets at the parking area. Cycle right down the gravel road through the recreation area and out onto the small road Bavnehøjen.

3. From here, turn right onto Nr. Grimmelstrupvej and right again at the T-junction towards Nr. Vedby Kirkevej, following the road right after the church.

4. The road becomes Gårdrækkevej. Follow it left and cross the main road.

5. Turn left and continue south into Bjergvej, all the way down to Øster Kippinge. Here, turn right onto Kippingevej. It’s worth stopping at Kippinge Church, which in the Middle Ages was a famous pilgrimage church because it owned some drops of Christ’s blood. The church is open during the day and contains many interesting murals. From the church, there is a lovely view of the Vålse Dam, and you can easily imagine what it was like when the water went right up to the church. The area around the dam is cultivated but has virtually no inhabitants.

6. Continue to Vester Kippinge and turn right onto Egensevej towards Vålse. Vålse is one of Falster's largest roadside fort towns. The fort was an open space in the middle of the village with a church, rectory, inn and village pond. Today, it has become quite developed.

7. In the middle of Vålse, turn right onto Vigvej and then left onto Dæmningsvej. Continue on towards the dam that was built to drain the inlet. There are signs with information about the dam at the site.

8. C

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ontinue on Sortkammervej back to Nørre Vedby.