The Fruit Festival of the South Sea Islands

The festival takes place in the charming city of Sakskøbing on Lolland, at the peak of the Danish fruit harvest.

Free admission! Enjoy a wonderful weekend tasting, eating, drinking and shopping in the universe of fruit. 

In Bunol, Spain, they have La Tomatina festival, where the locals celebrate the tomato harvest, by throwing tomatoes at each other. In Ivrea, Italy, they have their tomato throwing festivals, and in Menton, France, they have the more sophisticated Fête du Citron. The British gather to celebrate and compete around the raspberry harvest. 

20.000 people gather to celebrate the fruit harvest, and the rich cultural heritage of fruit growing on the southern islands of Denmark. The focus is on fresh fruit and culinary uses of fruit, in the Gastronomy, marmalade and other preserves, cider, fruit wine, fruit brandy, balsamic and normal vinegar.

There are activities for the entire family.- you just have to love fruit – or if not you will become in love with the danisk fruit after a visit on the festival!