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Galleri Voss og Keller

Welcome to Galleri Voss & Keller - the local gallery where art and creativity meet in perfect harmony. The gallery represents 8 permanent, talented local artists and one guest artist, all dedicated to creating high-quality artwork.

Voss and Keller present a wide range of artworks in glass art, painting, ceramics and photographs, which together form a breathtaking collection of artworks. Each and every piece of art is unique and expresses the artist's personal vision and style.

Galleri Voss and Keller believe that art is a universal language that can connect people across cultures and create a common understanding. It is the gallery's mission to inspire, challenge and entertain visitors through art and beauty.

So if you are looking for a unique art experience where you can explore and admire local artists and their artworks, then Galleri Voss & Keller is the place for you. Come and discover the magical world of art, where each piece of art has its own story and soul.

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