The green world (Den Grønne Verden) – Søllestedgaard Gods

Photo: Den Grønne Verden
Local specialities
In our farm shop you can get fresh vegetables to take home with you, grown right outside our door. We harvest on a daily basis, and try to have a product range of at least 30 different vegetables – this varies according to season and quality. Likewise, we also periodically sell products from other local producers.

Søllestedgårdvej 4

4920 Søllested

Vegetables, herbs and fruits – it doesn’t get any fresher
We strive to stock a wide variety of products, from common and well-known vegetables to slightly rarer ones which are usually only found in restaurants. We want to make shopping with us inspiring.

In our varying range of products, we have had everything: three kinds of potatoes, five kinds of onions, ten different kinds of herbs, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, artichokes, lots of different fruits, and plants that you can take home with you. As we’ve said, however, there is no guarantee – the range changes on a daily basis, depending on what we think needs harvesting.


Opening hours

Monday – Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday – Sunday: 10 – 18


Søllestedgårdvej 4

4920 Søllested



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