Krenkerup Brewery & Tavern

Krenkerup Brewery is a new and modern part of the old and distinguished Krenkerup Estate near Sakskøbing in Denmark. The estate has, since 1367, been passed on in the same family from generation to generation.

Krenkerup brews according to the Bavarian law of purity, which is a special brewing method that involves high quality standards for the raw material. This means that no preservatives are used – no e-numbers, no added enzymes, colors or added sugar. We create quality beer with water, malt, hops, yeast and nothing else!

The unique surroundings of Krenkerup Brewery is well worth a visit. Come and taste our award winning beers and grab a wonderful break in our brewpub ‘Krenkerup Traktørsted’. Here you can sit down, enjoy the moment and talk about the special quality beer. You can sit close to Krenkerup Brewery and have a freshly brewed draft beer, a tapas plate or some of the bar snacks.

Krenkerup Traktørsted is in the same building as the brewery, and through windows you have full view of the brewery. This means that you are close to and often see the brewmaster in action. If the sun is out, you can enjoy a well-served pint in our beer garden, surrounded by our 300 year old grain barn, which now houses our top modern brewery.