Marielyst - nude beach, Bøtø

The official nude beach close to Bøtø with fine light sand is a part of the long Marielyst Beach, which runs along the east coast of Falster, past Marielyst, Bøtø and down to beach by the forest. This area is commonly known as Marielyst, even though it consists of several small towns. It is a large summer cottage area with everything you could possibly need for a delightful holiday. Here you will find a variety of restaurants, bars, miniature golf, go carting, paintball, bowling, play areas and much more. Marielyst Beach was voted the best beach in Denmark in 2011.
When visiting Bøtø nude beach, you should remember to bring a windscreen, as it can be a little windy there. Also, as it is a long way to the nearest shop, be sure to bring enough food and drinks with you for the whole family