The Natural Lolland - your guide to new experiences

The Natural Lolland - your guide to new experiences

On Lolland, we are proud of our beautiful nature spread between sky and sea: Exciting stretches of coastline, beaches, islands, nature reserves, woods and a fertile agricultural area with many historic Manor houses.

To this end we present ‘the Natural Lolland’, a Smartphone app that guides you around a mass of exciting tours. The routes are GPS-linked so you always know where to go! 

Did you know, that you can see this route and many other nature experiences in the app “Naturlandet”. The app can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. All information is accessible in English, Danish and German – the app is FOR FREE.

We would like even more people to make much fuller use of our many routes. And the GPS technology makes it that much more fun to explore the beautiful island of Lolland. It enables us to present brief stories for you at your actual location, along with images, audio and video where appropriate.

We wish you enjoyable tours with the app out and about in our beautiful nature!

Scan the code and download the app’ or get it in AppStore or Google Play.