Shelter - Bursø Hestehave

Two shelters located at Bursø Hestehave for a break or basic camping. There are stunning views of Maribo Søndersø, and the shelters are just 300 meters from the Nature School, where there is toilet access and access to water. Horses can be corralled in a paddock with electric fencing; this is ‘live’ from approx. 15th May to 1st November. A good stopping place for people doing the long trip around Maribo lakes; or using the Rail Trail between Maribo and Rødbyhavn. Important: shelters cannot be reserved.  For additional Information, please contact nature guide Uffe Nielsen (+45) 25 47 29 09. Dogs on a leash and horses are allowed, and there is access to the site from the water. The rules for camping in the open and the Nature School's rules must be observed.


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