Walking Tour: Bird life on Nakskov Inner fjord - 5 km

Nakskov Fjord

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Nakskov Fjord is divided into an outer and inner fjord. The inner fjord gets its water from amongst others the Halsted and Ryde streams and apart from the wealth of fish, the inner fjord with its marshes and forest of reeds makes an ideal habitat for many bird species. Here you can see amongst other species mute swans, crested grebes, gadwalls, shovelers, pochards, tufted ducks and the beautiful bearded tit. During the migration season you can see such species as little gulls and black terns.   

A good point of departure for an eventful excursion along the inner fjord is the old railway path between Rødbyvej and Maglehøjvej on either side along the fjord. The trip starts at Nakskov Harbour and runs along Havnegade eastwards past Nybro, which divides the outer fjord and inner fjord. Continue where Havnegade runs across into Winchellsgade and turn down along the path to the right through the small parking area located along the road. The Fjord can be crossed approximately 1 km further ahead and followed back towards Nakskov on the opposite bank. The trip can be extended along several different small trails and there are tables and benches along the route.