Walking Tour: Brændevinsstenen ved Kuddeholm - 2 km

Brændevinsstenen (Dram rock) on Kuddeholm (2 km)
Just outside Hestehovedet lies the little island of Kuddeholm that can be visited via a small bridge. The island has never been cultivated but only used for grazing. This careful use of the land has given rise to excellent growing conditions for a wealth of different plants, many of which are considered rare.

In all, there is estimated to be up to 100 different plant species on Kuddeholm, including the rarely seen Common Sea Lavender and the British Yellowhead, which blooms yellow in high summer and is a particular favourite of butterflies.
To all appearances, the island has never been inhabited, but farther out to the west of the island there are remnants of an old redoubt from the Dano-Swedish wars in 1658.

The redoubt is the only one remaining of the around 10 redoubts which were spread out throughout the surrounding countryside on the mainland and the islands.

Another sight to see on the island is called Brændevinsstenen (Dram rock), a large rock that can be seen at low tide in the sea, west of Kuddeholm. The name stems from an old tradition, when fishermen used to take their last dram before going to sea. In this way, they made sure that they remained sober during the dangerous work of fishing at sea.