Labyrinth Lolland-Falster

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Niels Clausens Vej 2b

4891 Toreby L


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Get lost in the beautiful nature.....

..... and find your way using your knowledge. A day in the maze Labyrinten Lolland-Falster is a day full of entertainment, exercise and a lot of fresh air for the whole family.

Take the family on a different picnic

In the deep pine forest calm reigns, only interrupted by birds singing and laughing noises from visitors, who just found the right way through the maze.

Labyrint Lolland-Falster invites you on a different trip for the whole family, where you can enjoy your way through the woods, while testing your knowledge about different topics with different difficulty levels. By common help from the big and small ones, your answers will decide if you find the right way through the maze.

During your trip you will find the handmade tree sculpture of H.C. Andersen and a various number of his fairytale characters. You can also take part in creating the story of the maze by making your own wooden ball at the memory trees.

Time for a break?

Don’t worry if you need a break. Labyrint Lolland-Falster has some areas with different activities, where you can take a break from the maze. Here you can compete against each other with different challenges, or just relax and enjoy nature.

The trip around the maze can suitably be completed with something to eat or drink at the little café at the entrance.

Open from the 18th of April until the 20th of October 2019


Niels Clausens Vej 2b

4891 Toreby L


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