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Maribosøerne, a unique conservation area, is situated in the middle of Lolland. From a national viewpoint, Maribosøerne is among our most outstanding natural areas, and because of the rich bird life, it is also a nature area of international importance.  Nature Park Maribosøerne is the common name for the lakes: Søndersø, Røgbølle Lake, Hejrede Lake, Nørresø and the surrounding hinterland.

The four lakes are located in an area of magnificent manor houses, surrounded by fields, meadows, marsh and forest land, and give a real chance for bird and wildlife enthusiasts to experience some great sightings. The Nature Park has many ancient monuments, and a rich cultural history.

The Nature Park was inaugurated in 1994 by Storstrøm Region  in cooperation with the landowners and municipalities involved. The name helps emphasize the area's great natural and cultural historical significance, and focus on the use and protection of the area.

Lake and countryside
Maribosøerne is one of Denmark’s largest freshwater systems with a total of 1140 hectares of water surface. The largest of the lakes, and Denmark’s 8th largest lake, is Maribo Søndersø of 852 hectares. It consists of three pools, and with its 13 regular islands, 6 small islets and 3 marshy islands, is uniquely the Danish lake with most islands.  Røgbølle Lake covers 200 hectares, Hejrede lake 50 hectares, and Nørresø 40 hectares.

It is a special experience to explore Nature Park Maribosøerne and all its little islands from the water. If you do not feel the urge to try a kayak or rowing boat, the tour boat ‘Anemonen’ sails the lakes every summer. ‘Anemonen’ makes a stop at Borgø and Skelsnæspavillonen. The lakes are a protected wildlife sanctuary, and boating is only allowed in parts of Søndersø. Røgbølle Lake and Hejrede Lake are closed to the sailing public.

Lolland Municipality owns the islands Hestø, Fruerø and Præstø, and there is public access to the three islands. The other islands are private and owned by the Engestofte and Søholt estates . The largest of the islands is the 17-hectare island Borgø, which is the only island in Søndersø to have been inhabited in recent times. Many of the smaller islands are very important bird nesting sites, including nesting Common terns and Black-headed gulls.

The realm of the White-tailed eagle and other birds
Maribo Lakes Nature Park is known for its rich flora and fauna. The birdlife is especially unique. Many visit Maribosøerne to see ospreys or the impressive ‘Sea eagles’ (White tailed eagles), These birds are known to be discerning when choosing residence. The White-tailed eagle returned to Denmark at Maribosøerne as a breeding bird in 1995 after having been absent for 100 years, and it can now be seen in the area all year round, while the ospreys are there only between April and September.

There are many other interesting bird species in the area should the eagles fail to show. Masses of Greylag geese, Pochards and all four Danish species of grebes can be seen in the area. Grebes are found in all the Maribosøerne, and chances of observing some of these in the reed-beds are good.

Exploring the Nature Park
The many routes around the lakes invite you to explore the area by car, bicycle or on foot. Tables and benches are set here and there, so it is easy and inviting to stop and eat a picnic lunch overlooking the lake. And if you remember to bring a fishing license, fishing is permitted in publicly owned areas.
Close to Maribo Lake Camping is a beach area with kiosk and toilet facilities. If you venture further around the lakes, the baroque garden in Søholt Park  is worth a visit, and further toward the east, Hejrede Outdoor Farm where it is possible to rent bikes, look at birds from the bird-watching tower and pet the goats.

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Maribo Søndersø

4930 Maribo

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