The Dodecalith (Greek: The Twelve Stone) The art project consists of twelve menhirs carved in granite and each weighing 25-45 tons. Each menhir is 7-9 metres high, of which the uppermost 2 metres are sculpted as heads, all facing inwards towards the centre of a circle approx. 40 metres in diameter. The Dodecalith is located in “The Lolland Alps” on hills overlooking the Archipelago, the passage grave “Glentehøj” and three other burial mounds from the Bronze Age.

Between the figures are natural “sitting” stones from which spatial electro acoustic music specially created for the Dodecalith sounds every day of the year during daytime hours.

The art project consists of four elements: 1. The story behind the figures. 2. The stone figures. 3. The music. 4. The landscape.

The story behind the Dodecalith goes back approx. 7,500 years, when the greatest natural disaster of the time occurred: the
isthmus of Bosporus burst, so the Mediterranean’s waters gushed into the Black Sea 150 metres below. This caused the most developed farming culture of that time to be flooded. The catastrophe forms part of the myth of the Flood.

The floods started major migrations, with people reaching as far as Lolland. The stone figures of the Dodecalith portray these wanderers with their strong facial features. With them they brought a live and rich culture from a flourishing society and they further developed the farming cultures wherever they settled.

Man has always chosen to live with music. At the Dodecalith, music sounds where nature and culture meet. In this area of designated natural beauty, the Dodecalith rises out of the landscape as a new landmark for Lolland. Here, stonemasonry and new specially composed electro acoustic music interact to signify local innovation.

With the sculpturing of one stone a year, the Dodecalith is, by 2018, halfway through its 12-year time horizon, both in terms of
economy and number of figures.

The Dodecalith enjoys great support from Lolland Municipality, private individuals and foundations.

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