Tiger i Knuthenborg Safaripark
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Welcome to Lolland-Falster

Come and experience our unique nature: the endless beaches, the nature parks, and the beautiful bay landscapes. Enjoy the quiet life on the small islands of Smålandsfarvandet north of Lolland, or take in the charming atmosphere of our small, old towns. Do taste our locally grown foods, and perhaps jump on a bicycle or into your hiking boots… or something else to your desire. Come and enjoy life!

Unique Nature

Photo: Claire Droppert





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When you're on Lolland-Falster, you absolutely have to experience the nature, visit the characteristic small towns, and see the manor landscape. And if you have the time, we recommend a trip to one of the islands in Smålandsfarvandet north of Lolland. If you've got kids, Knuthenborg Safari Park is a must, but be aware that it is not open all year round.

Historic manors

Photo: Emil Spangenberg

Charming old towns

Lolland-Falster boasts a row of charming, small towns – all with their own special character.

Bicycle holidays for everyone

A bicycle holiday on Lolland-Falster is for everyone since the islands have no strenuous hills.

The Best Produce on Earth

Our favourable climate and rich soil is something you can taste. This is why we speak of the Best Produce on Earth from the South Sea Islands of Lolla...

600 km of coastline await

Relish in the more than 600 kms of coastline of the South Sea Islands (Lolland-Falster) with plenty of possibility for both beach life and brisk walks...