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Your guide to an amazing winter. Hike through beautiful nature, explore unique coastlines or discover the iconic Dodekalitten. Here are experiences for the whole family.

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Naturpark Nakskov Fjord

Unique nature

Two nature parks and 600 km of coastline with Denmark's southernmost point. Explore the beautiful nature of the South Sea Islands and experience fascinating views and migrating birds of prey.

Ravnsby Bakker


If you like outdoor experiences, there are endless opportunities to get out into nature on land, at sea and in the air.

Fejø familie går i frugtplantage

Family Holiday

Discover the animals of the Savannah, go to a water park, experience Europe's largest crocodile or go on seal safari. The best things to do with children on Lolland-Falster can be found here.

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A unique work of art and monument emerges in the Lolland landscape. Huge, magnificent stone sculptures combined with seasonal music make for a unique and almost magical experience.


Art and culture

Experience modern art at Fuglsang Art Museum and the enormous artwork Dodekalitten. Visit Maribo Cathedral, the islands' countless manors, castles and churches, or perhaps the many small galleries and working workshops.


Ancient Monuments

Explore the finest ancient monuments, where stone mounds from the Neolithic Age and burial mounds from the Bronze Age lie side by side with old oak trees and ancient fields.

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Lolland Falster

Eat and sleep well


Local Taste Experiences

Look forward to biting into a crispy apple from Fejø, a biodynamic carrot or tasting a cool stout voted Europe's best.

Den Grønne Verden


Give yourself a multi-star dining experience: Go out and eat at the South Sea Islands' exquisite restaurants and cafes. You will find them along the coasts, in cities and in the middle of nature. Don't miss out on all the flavours, gourmet experiences and world-class care.

Fuglsang Herregaard udefra


You can make accommodation something very special at the classic market town hotels with style and charm, romantic estate accommodation, luxury camping cabins and B&B with a pampering factor that is out of the ordinary.

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