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Lolland - Falster's
unique nature

Lolland-Falster's landscapes offer natural areas with birdlife and plenty of space. Denmark's southernmost point and dyke cycle routes at the water's edge. Deep forests, steep cliffs and wide, white sandy beaches. Lolland-Falsters has everything a nature lover and beachgoer could wish for.

Hesnæs kyst

North Falster's beautiful east coast

Discover Denmark's largest tree, the cozy little fishing village at Hesnæs harbor and challenge your taste buds at Pomle Nakke with its unique view of the Baltic Sea.


Maribo Lakes Nature Park

Welcome to Denmark's most island-rich lakes, offering breathtaking views, unique birdlife, fascinating cultural history, magnificent natural experiences, and beautiful manor landscapes.

Naturpark Nakskov Fjord

Nakskov Fjord Nature Park

Experience Denmark's island-rich fjord – a unique natural area with fascinating views, exceptional wildlife, surprising cultural history, lovely beaches, and the iconic bathing bridge.

Bøtø Naturområde

Bøtø Nature Area

Experience wild horses, grazing cattle and unique bird and insect life! You can get up close and personal with wild Konik horses and Scottish Highland cattle. Keep an eye out for the white-tailed eagle that breeds in the area and look out for the rare butterflies Black Firebird and Mirrored Fritillary 

Familie var ved strand


With Lolland-Falster's long coastline, there's plenty of beach for everyone - even on a hot summer's day. Most beaches are very child-friendly with white sand, and many of them fly the Blue Flag as a sign of top water quality.

Hesnæs vandring

Natural Areas

The magnificent nature of the South Sea Islands is full of opportunities. There's room for action, but also for contemplation. Discover the unique nature parks and 600 km of coastline on foot, by bike or on the water!

Par cykler ved Nysted


With more than 600 kilometers of coastline, Lolland-Falster is the perfect cycling destination. There are hours of beautiful experiences on two wheels.

Ravnsby Bakker


Discover magnificent nature, beautiful coasts, the Lolland Alps - and cultural gems with hiking boots on. Lolland-Falster offers many beautiful routes for both the trained hiker and those who want to spend a few hours in the great outdoors.

Nakskov Fjord kano/kajak

Canoe and kayak

Embark on a beautiful tour on the canoe and kayak routes and experience a unique sight of the scenic nature of the Danish South Sea islands with forests, beaches, hills, and open landscapes

Maribo Sø Golfklub


Visit one of Lolland-Falster's five golf courses or participate in a Golf & Stay package – a package that includes golf on various courses and accommodation in cozy hotels at favorable prices.

Fiskeri til havs


Surrounded by water on all sides and with a coastline that stretches over 600 km, Lolland-Falster is a true angler's paradise. There are plenty of opportunities for lake, river, and fjord fishing, and we also have several Put & Take lakes.

Naturlandet app

Naturlandet app

Download the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app and get inspiration for trips and experiences in nature. You can cycle, hike, ride, or paddle using the routes in the app and receive exciting suggestions for activities along the way.

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