Lolland’s largest city beautifully situated at the head of Nakskov Fjord. A sailing excursion along the fjord onboard the post boat is a really unique experience. Nakskov offers charming streets and beautifully renovated lanes leading down to the harbour. Nakskov has one of Denmark’s oldest pedestrian streets with a wide selection of businesses and specialist shops. 

Nakskov Fjord

Out to the west of Lolland there is a 12 km fjord with all of 10 large and small islands as well as a 7.5 km narrow hook-shaped peninsula at the head of the fjord called Albuen. The fjord is called the island kingdom of Denmark and is soon to be designated a Nature park.

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Experience the fjord with the most islands in Denmark really close up by taking an unforgettable excursion onboard the post boat. 

Nature experiences

Fishing locations, cycling and walking routes as well as golf in stunning natural surroundings, not to mention the beaches, are among some of the fantastic experiences that West Lolland has to offer. 

Beaches on West Lolland

There are plenty of beaches along the coast of West Lolland, especially along the inner fjord, where the temperature of water is often quite warm in the summer.

The harbours of West Lolland

11 harbours within a reasonable distance of one another make the West Lolland coast a Mecca for yachting enthusiasts.